Scientific article, writing and publication

One of the most important stages of work on a dissertation for the degree of a candidate of science is the writing and publication of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals or publications.

The Higher Attestation Commission annually determines the list of such publications. The number of published articles may vary depending on the requirements of a particular dissertation council and the chosen specialty. As a rule, for admission to defend a thesis, it is enough to have three scientific publications in publications, as well as four texts of reports in materials of Russian and international conferences.

Work on a scientific article requires a lot of work and diligence. To do this, you can choose one of two strategies: write a research article or borrow material for an article from the text of the dissertation. In the first case, each scientific article is created as a separate study of a specific scientific problem, as well as a new solution of a scientific and practical problem. If a graduate degree student plans to include such articles in his dissertation in the future, it may be necessary to significantly revise already published articles. This is important so that the thesis looks stylistically and logically as a holistic, consistent and comprehensive scientific work.

However, more often there are cases when applicants first constitute the main “skeleton” of the text of the dissertation, and only then it is refined. When the text is ready, the brightest passages and chapters of the dissertation are published as scientific articles.

When articles are ready to print, it is important to quickly take steps to publish them: choose the right publishers and editors, start negotiations with them. It often makes sense to prepare in advance for negotiations, for example, to write a cover letter in which you indicate your willingness to cooperate with a particular editorial board, pay for the services of publishing your article and, for example, subscribing to the publication (optional).