Why students must write a thesis?


The thesis is an important milestone in the scientific environment, the writing of which helps to gain a foothold in the scientific environment and to continue the research begun. Nevertheless, many wonder if it makes sense to spend time on such work, if you can get a job in a company with a regular diploma, but the dissertation does not imply any special advantages.

If studying at a higher education institution was aimed not only at obtaining a diploma, but also at acquiring the necessary knowledge for future work, then most likely, the student after the defense receives an offer to continue studies in graduate school. Does this make sense? More often than not, further study is required for students who have a thirst for knowledge and are going to engage in scientific research. In this regard, it makes no sense to think, of course, graduate school is necessary. A degree is necessary not only to satisfy one’s own ambitions, but also to continue one’s activity, to study the problem in depth. If the research will get the necessary scale, then you can count on the Nobel Prize. It all depends on the topic of research and your own efforts. Graduate School provides an opportunity to write a thesis, get a scientific degree and pursue a career in the department.

However, there are other goals for admission to graduate school, which have little in common with science. Some students are attracted by the degree of candidate of sciences, although they do not plan to continue their work in an educational institution. Most simply prefer to receive a deferment from the army in this way: three years of training and years to prepare for defense — as a result, they give four years to think of another way to earn a delay.

The next reason for admission to graduate school is the desire to stay in the city and live in a dormitory after graduation.

For those who really want to continue their studies, you should think about why this is necessary? If you need an additional specialty, you can restrict the master and get knowledge. However, if there is a desire to thoroughly plunge into the future profession, then it makes sense to continue training in graduate school. Candidate degree may affect future employment. A young specialist can count on a salary increase, albeit with the condition of working in public institutions. In commercial structures, the increase will be small, but still will be. There is an erroneous opinion that graduate students are reluctant to hire, especially if the director of the company does not even have a higher education. However, this is a misconception. It does not matter what kind of education has a leader, it is important that employees are educated and hardworking. If you have the opportunity to confirm your knowledge with practical experience, you can count on a prestigious job.

Candidate degree is preferable in legal, medical circles and, of course, inside the educational institution. It is recommended to enter the postgraduate school of the educational institution where the diploma was obtained and in the same year, so that we can continue to study our topic in “hot” tracks. You can enroll in other educational institutions, but then you need to spend time getting to know a teacher, it can be difficult psychologically. It is advisable to have recommendations for admission to graduate school to avoid paperwork. More often than not, the same teacher who helped in writing a thesis becomes a research supervisor. However, training in graduate school is very different from the university. Most of the information will have to be obtained independently in order to build your own research and get new results. Talented graduate students can complete their studies much ahead of time and protect their candidate’s, there is no limit to this.

Full-time education takes a lot of time, which does not allow you to work and collect information on your topic. While graduates are actively engaged in career building, a graduate student will have to attend lectures for a few more years in the hope of making up for everything after receiving a degree. You can think about seeking, this form does not require passing tests and exams and is considered a more economical option for postgraduate education.